Capitalism in your favor: Hack AdVenture Capitalist

You’ve probably played it, or just saw it and wanted to hack the living jack out of it. If you didn’t, how on Earth did you end up here? Nevermind, now you’re here, so lets turn the economical tide in your favor and cheat our way to Mars in AdVenture Capitalist!

First off, the game is powered by Unity Web Player. So the process to find the right thing to connect Cheat Engine to, is a bit different – look for another name, that’s all.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using Chrome browser.

Google Chrome no longer support Unity, so we’ll be using Firefox instead. Fret not, it’s actually easier than the process with Chrome.

Finding the right process

This approach depends on your browser of choice, but since Chrome doesn’t play all Unity games, it’s advised to just use Firefox instead. It’ll also be much easier on your RAM if you got a computer with limited supply of that.

Finding Unity on Mozilla Firefox

Firefox use the plugin-container.exe, and that’s no different for Unity through the browser.

You will see two of them when you open the Process List in Cheat Engine. The first is for Flash games, the second for Unity games. Super simple.

plugin-container for unity games on firefox

The highlighted plugin-container is for Unity

It doesn’t get easier than that.

Finding the Unity process in Google Chrome

First type: about:memory in a new window. Then look for the Unity Player plugin.unity player processor in chrome

Then look at the 4 numbers on the left. In my case 6392. Now open your calculator and press alt+3. Type in the 4 numbers with the calculator setting on “dec” decimal.

Then press “hex” heximal and look at the new result. Mine is 18F8.

calculator with decimal to heximal result

Now open up Cheat Engine and find the processor with the result you are given.

cheat engine processor

Double-click it and we’re good to go.

AdVenture Capitalists cheats

There’s a few different approaches and an AoB. Array of Byte. Keep in mind that the game may update so the AoB doesn’t work anymore. If that’s the case, just use some of the other cheats.

Changing the numbers of buildings

The value of your amount of buildings are 4 byte times 1, so if you have 1 building you search for 1, buy one, now search for 2 and so on.

Here’s what to do:

Buy one building, search for one, then buy another and search for 2. Repeat this until you have 5 values. Change all of them to any number you like. Now buy another building of the same type.

The next building you buy will cost the exact amount of the building you would normally buy, so if you had 5 buildings the price would be that of the 6th building. Once you’ve bought it the number changes to whatever you chose.

Like so

Three buildings in AdVenture Capitalist.

Repeat that with a couple of buildings and you are ready to cash out some serious angels.

More than 311 quintillion angels ready to be claimed in AdVenture Capitalist

This approach works on any building on any planet.

Buying vendors adds money

First, press Value Type and choose Array of Byte. Then search for this: 02 28 ?? ?? ?? ?? 59 7D

Now, you should get two results. Change both of those to: 02 28 ?? ?? ?? ?? 58 7D

Now get your first few dollars and buy something. You get the price of what you buy in money.

If you just want to change your money and still pay for the vendors, use Double*1 so what you have in money searched in Double. It’s easiest when you got just a few dollars.

Edit: I just tried out a different approach with the Double*1 cheat. You can change the price of a business and lock it there. Simply search the exact value of the business in Double, buy something and search the new value. When you have 1 result, change the value to something low and freeze it. It’s easiest with the business where you can see all the numbers in the price.

Keeping it simple, just do it with the most expensive business, like news papers, car wash and the others on the left side, with the exception of lemonade stand. Those are cheap.

Speedhack works too

Word of advise: Be careful with the first cheat. Apparently, you can break the market for yourself.

adventure capitalist broken

Pay attention to the amount of money.. or lack of the same, plus the price of the newspapers. Apparently, the stage of the game at the moment writing this, it’s not meant to go above 5000. The achievements now go to 10.000.

So keep it just at what the achievements goes to. If it happens, simply reset the game and harvest the Angels you get. It all resets, so you can continue your conquest for world capitalistic domination.

Other than that, have fun hacking AdVenture Capitalist! 

Want more hacks? See the other AdVenture Capitalist hacks at Konghack. That’s where the named one a from. All credit for that hack goes to user Leonidas500.

Hack Adventure Capitalist on phone

It’s been a while since this post was originally made, and since then it’s come out for mobile users, phone/tablet and even Steam. Well, just because it’s a different platform doesn’t mean it’s free of being hacked.

Hacking the mobile/tablet version is fairly simple. It relies on the units date, so simply change the date to something silly, and you’re good to go. The offline earning will be out of this world, unless you just started, in which case it might not give you that much. Either way, it’s hacked. 🙂

Note: For phones you may need to put it on airplane mode if you have a service connection. Jeff figured it out.

Adventure Capitalist Import Code

I can see there’s quite some searches for import codes for Adventure Capitalist, so here’s one for you. It’s not mine, I got it from some other dude to pass out.

So, the import / export on Kongregate has been removed because of terrible development. I’m leaving this import code for pure historical reasons.

The import code has no Moon as far as I recall and definitely no Mars, but it should have some old things no longer available, so if you can make it work on Steam somehow that’s cool.

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  1. Terablast

    Thank you for this! Just lost my save, so this really helps. It won’t replace my candycane bonus, but its still better than starting back from the start!

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Glad it could help. The devs are back form their vacation, so you could send them a nice mail asking for a savegame thats close to what you lost. They seem happy to replace lost savegames. Those 1-3% extra AI performance is really neat.

  2. Rafael

    Hey guy!

    I’m failing on find the “02 28 ?? ?? ?? ?? 59 7D” on Cheat Engine. Just didn’t find it anywhere.. And I didn’t understand what this “Double” means.


    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Hey Rafael,

      did you remember to target the right process? The “Plug-in Unity Player”. I just tried out the cheat, and it still works perfectly.

      Regarding the Double, it’s an option in Cheat Engine to search for double values. “Double*1” means the value times 1 in double search. So if the value is 100, it’s 100 in Double search. Value Type: Double and the value times 1. Hope that makes any sense. 🙂

  3. Joe


    So i typed in about:memory, and in chrome, it automatically switched it to chrome://memory, which brought me to the right place, but there is a 6 digit number next to unity instead of a 4 digit one. Does this affect this in anyway?

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Hey Joe, I’m sorry if this answer comes in late. So long you take the PID located on the left site, you’re good to go. And that be whether it’s 3, 4, 5 or 6 digits. Normally I only see 3 and 4 digits, but I guess it rises if you got a lot of things running in the browser.

  4. Dario

    Hi, I’m new with Cheat Engine. I’ve done all step, now, I have two address, I’ve changed it with 02 28 ?? ?? ?? ?? 59 7D, and then, what I have to do?

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      That’s it. Once the string has been changed, the game picks it up. So buy something and the price of which you buy a vendor gets added to your total money. Enjoy 🙂

  5. rom

    HI Jonas

    I used cheat engine 6.4 on adventure capitalist (Steam version) and found only 1 result of 02 28 ?? ?? ?? ?? 59 7D.

    I didn’t get two results, and changing the 1 result I get doesnt have any effect (I still get money deducted upon purchase of vendor)

    What’s your opinion on this?

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      They got a steam version too? They really get around and about. Honestly I don’t know. I don’t know how the Steam version works, but my best bet is to use one of the other cheats instead. Perhaps changing your total amount of shops instead. The result is much the same; a lot of shops. 🙂

      1. rom

        you meant this?

        Edit: I just tried out a different approach with the Double*1 cheat. You can change the price of a business and lock it there. Simply search the exact value of the business in Double, buy something and search the new value. When you have 1 result, change the value to something low and freeze it. It’s easiest with the business where you can see all the numbers in the price.

        say I have 100 car wash, earning 23.386million and the next car wash is 353.034m to buy, which is the value I input?

        Yeah I started on steam and stumbled upon your great blog 😀

        1. BUTTERKING

          Select AVC, check some box on the right side bringing up a bar with 1.0 then change to 0.1, if it makes it worse go over 1

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Sorry the late respond. What browser are you using, and did Unity by any chance crash prior to your search?

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Approving it because the video is decent. Next time, there’s no need to make it look spammy. Alright?

      And to people who doesn’t feel like clicking the link to see what it’s about, it’s how to cheat on the mobile version by changing the phone/tablets date.

  6. darkvoid

    I tried this and speedhack works but it still is “slow” for what I want.
    I find both 02 28 ?? ?? ?? ?? 59 7D but when i change them to 02 28 ?? ?? ?? ?? 58 7D, nothing happens I still get charged when buying shop upgrades.

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      I just tested it out, works fine. Got me to 100 giant lasers on moon in a breeze. I hate the moon. What version did you try it on? That could have something to say about it. Not entirely sure, tho.

  7. Aiman Maharana

    I’m using speed hacking I use steam version and I change speed game to 200.0 and I can get 2 billions in 15 seconds thanks for post

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Here’s my best bet: Open the game, let it run for a bit. Close and go to your phones time settings and change the date. Go back to the game. The game should then, if it calculates as the online version did in the beginning, count from the time you closed the game to the time you re-opened it. Judging on the video a dude linked, I’d say that’s much about it.

      1. Joshua

        I have a iPad mini, and when I tried this it did not work. I went to the date and time section in the general settings and moved it forward, should I be doing this another way

        1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

          I’m just guessing now, since I don’t play the mobile version myself. Was the game closed down? Like all down, not just minimized somewhere.

          If it was and still doesn’t work, then I’m clueless, sorry.

  8. Robot

    “Finding the right processor” I think it’s “Finding the right process”. You are looking for a process not a processor.

  9. Eytor

    When I’m going back to the original time on my mobile.. Does something happen? Cause I have done this before in other games and every time I went back someone died or something like that..

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      I’m afraid I have no idea. I just included the guide as some dude in the comments mentioned it. I don’t play any games on my phone, so I haven’t tried it out personally.

  10. Jeff Blankenship Jr

    I have a Samsung galaxy note 3 and I tried the date change method and there was absolutely no change. Was this patched? Did I do something wrong or miss something?

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      I don’t play the mobile version myself. So my bet is, they’ve changed the way offline works. Probably to how the web version works.

      1. Jeff Blankenship Jr

        I figured it out. Has to be in airplane mode if you have a service connection. Most tablets will work fine offline automatically, however. Care to add that in to the main post? ^_^

  11. Naufal

    How did you played that on Chrome? I used Chrome and it won’t let me play it. My Internet is too slow to use Firefox 🙁

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Unfortunately AdCap is build on Unity, which Google doesn’t support anymore. There are some temporary fixes to it, but the best bet would be simply find another browser for that game.

  12. GetoverHere

    Games like M1, Adventure Capitalist etc always seemed a tad monotonous to me, but one new game heroes of utopia is more fun, at least there’s a lot of crazy alien monsters to shoot at 😛

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      In that case try the normal approach with the shockwave flash. I’ve tried a few unity games before where the whole unity plugin was gone. It also ment I could actually play the game in Chrome browser. That’s the best I can suggest.

  13. Zack

    I have to say something. When you are playing a single player game, it is fine to cheat, because it doesn’t hurt anyone. However, hacking games that are online makes a mess out of leaderboards and fair competition for those of us who earn our way through.

    It also takes money from the developers and costs them to try and find remedies for the hacks. This is a business that relies on player support to make their living. I understand that some companies are filthy greedy, and I personally think gaming is meant to be fun and based on effort, not the size of your wallet. Even so, hacking what is meant to be paid for is equivalent to walking into a store and stealing. That shouldn’t be justified unless it is a life or death situation; this isn’t one.

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      431,000 visitors to this article is what it took for someone to call it out for being stupid.

      Now, I agree with you that a messed highscore sucks, but honestly, those are mainly just for people to shine their generally wasted time online.

      Before I defend anyone, because I will, I just want to point out this is a how-to site, and what I write is not necessarily practice I follow myself. With that said, those who hack would never dig out their wallet and pay for something anyway. They just wouldn’t.

      I haven’t touched AdCap in forever, since I lost my old savegame with the cool Black Tuesday or Thursday or whatever the day it was, but things like watching a quick video to gain something otherwise paid for is something I would easily do. There’s a revenue stream from cheap people who can’t or won’t pay for an online, single player game.

      AdCap by all standards is also a single player game. You never interact in-game with anyone in any way, your effort has no impact what so ever to anyone, and you’re only competing against the game. Not that there are any competitive aspects anyway.

  14. pitabred

    i have got cheatengine but everytime i start it (im a user) i need tog et someone to put a password in (my dad) – any way to fix this?

    nevermind this but im a steam user and i was wanting to know how to hack the save – when i got an old copy from my firend it saved in appdata but the updated one dosent… i wanna hack the gold abrs and mega bucks. wat can i do/use to hack the save?

    1. Jonas Article Author

      The login thing is most likely because you play on Steam. If it gets dull, play the game on Kongregate or elsewhere 🙂

      Since an update back in 2015, the gold amount gets reset if you change it. No fun there.

      If you’re crazy desperate for it, download a sandbox, learn how it works, then you can try with various trainers. I don’t trust them one bit, so no recommendations, just an idea. Do with it as you like.

      Mega bucks, buy one, search for the value 4 byte *1, buy another, repeat the process until you get the string you need. Edit it to your hearts content.

    1. Jonas Article Author

      I can try, else I can see what I can find around. Most of the cheats here aren’t actually mine.

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