How to Cut Cigars Properly

You have picked a dull maduro stogie from your humidor for some quality time on your own. This is your minute of joy however you can in any case ruin it by over-cutting your belvedere.

The information of how to smoke stogies is just about as imperative as the learning of how to store them. One paramount part is cutting the belvedere. The ideal spot to cut relies on upon the stogie. Parejos and Figurados contrast a bit. You need to nearly look at the leader of the smoke and see where the top closures. The top is the piece of the belvedere that continues everything set up. You must be careful not to cut past the top of the smoke, wherever the top closures you ought to view as your limit in the matter of how far down you ought to cut. You will see the end of the top by searching for the modest line where that tobacco closes. On a Parejo belvedere you normally discover this line at 1/4″-3/8″. This implies that you off and on again require a slight cut, while different times you may require an extensive cut.

For Figurados you may need to slice all the more to open the head enough for an appropriate draw. Numerous smoke Figurados on the grounds that they like how the decreasing ring thinks the smoke against the sense of taste. Figurados infrequently unwind so the cut is truly a careful decision. It is a great thought to cut less from the beginning and after that recut on the off chance that you need a more open draw from your belvedere.

Apparatuses for cutting a stogie

When you discover the spot for the cut, you require the right instrument to do this well. The more honed the better is something to remember. Else you will wind up squashing the leader of your smoke, and fill your mouth with tobacco. You can browse a few styles of cutters today.

Single-bladed guillotine cutters

Guillotine cutters are perhaps the best choices for cutting a belvedere. At the point when utilizing a solitary-bladed guillotine cutter, the smoke must be set as a long way from the edge as could be expected under the circumstances. The edge ought to then be brought through the smoke rapidly.

Twofold-bladed guillotine cutters

The twofold edge guillotine cutter works like the single sharpened steel cutter, yet regularly with more accuracy and a cleaner cut. The twofold-bladed cutter is cutting all the while from both sides, and minimizes the danger of squeezing the belvedere.

Belvedere Scissors

Belvedere Scissors have an exquisite and advanced look. They work by cutting off the top, much like the twofold-bladed guillotine cutter. Smoke scissors can provide clean cuts, however you require the best match of scissors.

Punch cutter

Punch cutters are not difficult to utilize. They basically punch a little gap on the leader of the smoke. It has the preference that you can convey it on you keychain. It is not perfect for greater-ring belvederes.


The V-cutter makes a V-formed score in your stogie top when it makes the cut. The expanded surface zone permits you to draw more air through the smoke. The V-cutter is ideally utilized for more modest-ring belvederes.

To claim a quality stogie cutter is a brilliant financing. Terrible cutters will demolish your valuable smokes.

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