Step 1

The fist thing you do is draw the character in a stick form. You should ensure that you create the characters in straight lines and circles. At this step, this is where you should use your creativity by using different poses. After designing the pose, sketch the character on a new paper sheet.

Step 2

This step involves the addition of dimensions to the stick characters. Different polygons, such as blocks and cylinders should be used in the mapping out of basic body structures. As a tip, stick to simple basic clothing for the first time and as you become more skilled, venture into other complex clothing.

Step 3

After handling the clothing whether a southern belle dress or a black ninja uniform, the next step is to fill in the hair and face details. The guiding pencil marks should also be erased at this step. Erase those that do not fit in the manga drawing.

Step 4

This is where you need to ink the drawing. Draw over the lines with a pen. You will start seeing a sudden change once you ink the drawing and the image will start appearing sharper.

Step 5

You will need to erase all the extra pencil marks once the ink is dry. Also in this step, if you feel as though you can experiment more, you can color the character and make sure that the coloring remains within the ink lines. To be on the safe side, make a photocopy of the drawn image and experiment with the copy to sharpen your coloring skills.

These are important tips on how to draw a manga and can assist you in your fast drawing especially when coupled with copying already existing images.

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