Drawing a face can be hard. The first thing you need is to have a paper and a pencil to do the drawing. You will also have to understand the anatomy of the entire face and where each of the features is located.

Step 1

Draw the shape of the entire face. Make a decision whether you want to draw a square, oval or round face. Make the drawing on your paper.

Step 2

Divide the drawn face into parts. First, draw a vertical line at the center of the face and then draw a horizontal line across the face. Split the upper and lower half of the face by drawing two additional horizontal lines.

Step 3

Draw the eyes. Using your pencil, you need to draw five equal sized eye shapes. They should look like a fish without a tail across the center line. Delete the ones at the farthest of each side and the one in the middle. Now you can draw and fill the pupils and iris of the eyes.

Step 4

Draw the nose at the center of the face in the line below the eyes. An average nose should be thin.

Step 5

Draw the mouth. The mouth should be drawn half way between the chin and the nose. To determine its width, make a drawing of a line running down the face from the pupils. The mouth corners should touch the lines.

Step 6

Draw the hair, eyebrows and ears. The ears should start at the line of the eye and ends at the line of the nose. On the other hand, the hairline starts at the line above the eye line. The hair should be drawn from this line to the top of the head and then you can draw the hair with whatever length you want.

By following the above steps, you will have a perfect picture of a face.

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