How To Draw In Photoshop With Simple Steps to Follow

To use Adobe Photoshop effectively you need to know and have the right idea of how it works. Knowing how to draw in photoshop, multiple options of sketching, shading, coloring, filling and outlining will make your artwork skill better. This simple tutorial will explains how to draw in protoshop with easy steps to follow.

Step 1: Create A Document

Creating a new document, just click “file”, choose “new” and you will set its dimension. You can set the height and width dimensions on whatever you would like.

Create a new layer, just have to click on “layer” and choose “new”, you have to name it and fill the color in your new layer.

Step 2: Try to Sketching

Pick a brush and apply for its setting is the first step on sketching, then all you have to do is to draw.

3. Make Your Outlining

To make your sketch neater, you have to outline it. All you have to do is create a new layer (like how to do it on earlier step above), choose and click on the “pen tool” and click again on “freefrom pen tool”.

You might redraw and erase it, since the pen tool can smooths your line. When you have a line, you have to stroke it, you have to use the right click and choose “stroke Path” and then set it to pencil or the paintbrush.

You could delete the rough sketch, erase the old line by use the right click and click on “delete path”. Do that method for all the rest of your drawing.

Clean it up, this option just to erase the yucky blue lines. You have to look at the lines carefully, some are misshapen and thick, what you need to do is taper. Grab the taper and eraser the lines by removing the edges of that line, use this to the rest of the lines on your drawing. – Done! All you need to do is add the color

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