How would you like to spend your spare time playing new apps and actually making some money on it? Sounds cool, right?

Now you might already be thinking “earning money trying apps.. sounds like a hoax to me!” and I understand that. Either it’s a hoax, or really not paying anything. This here is slightly different.

What you need to make the money on your phone

  1. A smartphone capable of downloading apps. Or an ipad.
  2. Internet connection. Either through 3G, wifi or something else.
  3. A network of people.

The smartphone is needed to actually get the application you need for this to work.

The Internet is required to download the initial app and following apps.

The network of people is needed because it can help speeding up the income. Referrals are awesome.

Here’s how you do

First you go to and choose which service you use. Either iOS (iPhone / iPad) or Android. Then you download the app to your device of choice.

Next you sign-up through either Google + or Facebook. You will then be prompted to type in a referral code. Usually a referral only benefits the one who hands out the code, but it’s different here. It gives you 50 free points. That’s about what you get paid for a free app.

Once you got signed up, you just choose an app, download it and play it for a few minutes. That’s basically it.

How the referral works

While the one who use a referral code gets 50 free points, you, who sends out the referral gets 50 points too. But that’s not all. You also get 50% bonus of what your referrals make in points by downloading apps.

So if you got 2 referrals each downloading an app worth 50 points, you get 50% of that as a bonus, so 25 points from each. 50 points for doing nothing.

The guys will still get 50 points each from the download, you will just get the 50% as a bonus, meaning the points is given from FeaturePoints, and not deducted from the users.

So the more referrals you have, the more you make.

How to get paid

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can turn them into prizes. 3000 points for example can be turned to 5$ send to your PayPal account. Or you can turn them in for Amazon giftcards, premium apps and more. The options depends on your country.

Important to know

The email you use to sign up MUST match your PayPal accounts email if you want the money on PayPal.

Also, the account is bound to your device, so you can’t use the same account on both an iPad and iPhone or other device.

If you don’t download a new app or get a new referral in 60 days, your points will reset to zero. So be sure to check in every now and then or get a new referral. One of the two is enough.

Get your first free 50 points here

Use this referral code and get 50 extra points. 3C5DDN

Disclaimer: This is not a guaranteed source of income. What you may or may not earn depends on your dedication. If you don’t work it, it won’t work.

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