If you want to know how to earn quick money, you simply need to look around you and think about things

Everything you touch, see, smell, and use on a daily basis is making someone money some place. The internet is no different. Almost every web site you visit is making money in some shape or form. Here are 3 simple ways on how to earn quick money using the internet

Step 1: Create a blog about something you love and put Google adsense on your blog

Start looking for specific keywords about that thing you love that have very little competition but significant search volume. Once you find those keywords, start creating blog posts using those keywords. Once you make a post, make sure you ping it immediately. These blog posts, especially if you use blogster.com will get ranked very quickly and start getting hits and visits immediately. People will click on the adsense which pays you money.

Step 2: Find affiliate products that fit the keywords your blogging about and join them

Why not try to sell affiliate products on top of getting adsense from your blog. People love to hear about reviews of products. You could write one on a specific affiliate program you find. Place your affiliate link some where in your blog post so people can click through and check out the product. This gives you a second source of income for your blog.

Step 3: Use social networking sites to your advantage

If you have a myspace account, as most people do, come up with an entertaining way to get people to visit your blog. One of the most brilliant ideas I have ever seen was a bulletin with a little questionnaire that got people to go to a specific website to find some strange information out about Chuck Norris. Possibly you could do something off the wall like that with your blog post. Post something that is in line with your topic that is strange and different and make a survey for people and post it to all of the social networking sites you belong to. Don’t forget about sites like squidoo and digg.

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