With almost everyone and everything being focused on weight loss, it’s easy to forget that there are some people though few in number who would do almost anything just to add those extra pounds. Gaining weight can be as challenging as losing weight and it therefore needs a good strategy to work. For those who need or feel like gaining weight due to various reasons here is a guide that will help you achieve your goal.

Step 1

Determine how much weight you want to put on and remember to factor in just the right amount as you wouldn’t want to be obese and start battling the weight again. The weight to be gained should be muscle mostly not fat so that you can also look good. Knowing how much you want to gain will help you calculate the amount of calories you will take and the activities and exercises that you will engage in.

Step 2

Plan your meals in such a way that you increase your intake especially of protein and starch but don’t forget vegetables as you still need the vitamins and roughage. Take lots of olive oil, butter, cheese as well as sauces and stay clear of trans-fat. Snack often to maintain your energy levels and to prevent overeating at one go which might make you binge or put it more weight than you wanted.

Step 3

Engage in Exercise especially resistance training as it will help increase your muscle mass which in turn add to you weight. Avoid excessive aerobics as their purpose is to burn fat in the body and might therefore make you lose more weight.

Step 4

Weigh yourself frequently so as to keep track of your progress and also to identify if there is a problem and rectify it quickly.

Step 5

Lastly keep your body hydrated so that it can facilitate all the changes occurring and try to always eat healthy foods so as to gain the right weight.

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