Discover How To Get Big Fast – The Most Effective Plan

This is a small guide that will explain how to get big fast. And to gain a lot of muscles and size, in a short period of time, you need to put big effort in 3 main areas. Remember, you can’t cheat on any of those significant areas. So here they are:

  • Training
  • Diet
  • Rest

I’m sure you heard about these before. And maybe you even tried to train hard, eat healthy and get enough of rest, but still, results were quite bad. But this is proven method, and if you will follow that you will get big fast, no question.

First one is training

There is one relatively unknown training method for beginners or intermediates (advanced bodybuilders do know that method). It is Mike Mentzer’s HIT (high-intensity training). Huge benefit of that is saving a lot of time, and placing immense stress on your muscles over short period of time, which will allow you to get big fast.

He developed very effective 3\3 tempo. This means that you will lift the weight for 3 seconds and lower it for another 3. Such training will cause terrible burn in the muscles, and that is crucial component for muscle growth. Obviously, you will need to lower your weights, and forget about your ego. This training regimen truly allows any person to get big fast.

So you really want to get one or two of his books about training. Or at least learn about his training routines, online. They are quire complicated to sum it all up in one short article, like this one. If you don’t know who Mike Mentzer is, I’ll tell you – he is the first man who got perfect 300 points in Mr. Universe competition. Plus he trained numerous athletes, and help them to get big fast. One of such athletes is Dorian Yates, 6-time Mr. Olympia.


Doing this the right way will help you to produce hormone that helps you to get big fast. Really fast. That hormone is insulin. When you are eating carbs, especially with high glycemic index, your body produces insulin. And one of its functions is binding protein and glycogen in your muscles. One of the functions of insulin is that it binds protein and glycogen into your muscles. Also it will convert excessive glycogen into fat, so you want to train intensely to prevent that from happening.

One of the really balanced foods is milk. Surprisingly, it has great mix of elements and vitamins, and solid amount of fat, protein and lactase. You want to drink whole milk, not low-fat milk, it contains far more nutrients. Drink milk with every meal and it will help you to get big fast, in no time! And keep increasing your weekly milk consumption.

And now last area – rest

Getting a rest is crucial factor. While training hard you are damaging you muscles tissues with micro-tears. And in order, to rebuild your muscle tissue your body needs correct nutrition and rest. Without proper rest you will not get big fast. So it’s not wise to train every day. Limit your training to 3-4 training sessions a week.

Remember to pay attention on all 3 areas – you can’t leave any of these. Simply follow this advice and you will get big fast, and there is no question about it.

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