“Great website, much information will bookmark now!” – a useless spammer..

If something can drive a website owner mad, and especially one on which visitors can comment, it’s spammers. And one thing is for certain; your website is not safe.

I’ve actually, personally, got one of those spam programs. Not for the devious purpose of spamming every single site I can, but to find quality sites related to my other websites niche. Yes, they can actually be used in a positive way.

It’s years ago I’ve used it last, but that’s not the point.

The point here is that if your website allows for comments, there are programs to find it, and blow it with annoying spam.

Surely no spammer would go and post manually all day long. No, that’s not effective. But how do you stop those pests from infecting your website, driving you mad trying to clean it up?

Easy enough. It’s called Akismet.

Akismet, your best friend against spammers

This plugin comes by default with WordPress. You should create an account for it as soon as possible and activate it even quicker.

Akismet activated

Make sure Akismet is activated. It will save you a lot of trouble later on.

Akismet settings

With Akismet activated, you’re gonna need an API key. You get that from Akismet.com.

When you have it, go to Settings and press Akismet. You will then see a box prompting you to register for an API key.

Here’s the box on my page. For obvious reasons I’ve removed my own API key. It’s mine – get your own.

Akismet settings

This box shows the API key once activated, and two options regarding spam.

When you got it activated, you’re all set to face the world of spammers.

Now, it doesn’t keep spam completely off of your website. The vast majority will simply be deleted by Akismet, easy and simple. Some however may go through but will end up in your spam folder. Simply empty spam folder and it’s all history.

Akismet learns

This plugin is smart. It learns over time what is spam and what ain’t. So do yourself a big favor: Do not un-spam a comment flagged as spam unless it isn’t spam. The next time a similar comment may arrive, Akismet won’t treat it as spam, because you said it weren’t. I learned that the hard way  on another website by un-flagging a few, changing them a bit and publishing them so they looked like legitimate comments. That wasn’t smart.

Now, if you don’t already know about Akismet, you might want some numbers to back it’s effectiveness up. And I understand that. So here’s the spam we didn’t get, thanks to that plugin.

Spam caught by Akismet

More than 10 hours saved clearing spam

As you can see, Akismet has caught over 1,000 spam posts. Bear in mind that this post is from August the 2nd, but as of writing this, it has stopped 70 spam comments. Last month was 950 spam comments blocked.

Do you wanna be a victim to spammers? Of course not! Activate Akismet and save yourself hours of cleaning crap from your website or blog.

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