How to grow taller easily

The one thing that one must always keep in mind while trying to become tall is that genetics play an important role in determining our height. However, if one wants to know how to grow taller, here are a few steps:

Step 1.  Avoid smoking: 

It has been proven that the result of active or passive smoking during the childhood of an individual ultimately results in stunted growth. The overall effect of actively inhaled smoke or passively inhaled smoke affects the BMI or the body mass index of the body badly. Thus one must avoid smoking to grow taller.

Step 2. Avoid steroids:

Steroids affect the growth of the bones. Thus it has been widely seen that the children who use inhalers because they suffer from asthma and other breathing troubles are comparatively shorter than other children. Thus one is suggested to avoid steroid intake as much as possible in the form of food or medicine to grow tall.

Step 3. Get plenty of rest:

The growth and regeneration of tissues occurs at a maximum rate during the resting phase of an individual. Thus the children and teenagers are always suggested to get enough rest in the form of long hours of sleep to become taller. The human growth hormone or HGH is produced at a higher rate in the body during the sleeping state.

Step 4. Get proper nutrition: 

The nutrition helps in the growth of the body. One must make sure that the amount of carbohydrate, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients are present in ample amount in the diet to become tall. The calcium, protein and vitamin D are specifically important for the body and bone growth.

Step 5. Practice stretching exercise:

The stretching on the body helps the cells and tissues to grow taller at a faster rate. Long and short jumps practiced everyday has also helped individuals in growing taller easily and quickly.

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