This post is for every lazy player out there, who basically just want to hack as many games on Kongregate as possible. Now the question is, what on Earth is KHUT?

KongHack Ultra Trainer

Hell yea! That’s what KHU is. If you wanna dig right into it, you can find it right here.

How KongHack Ultra Trainer can ease your life!

Most games are hacked using Cheat Engine, others using developer console. But this program focus on the Cheat Engine hackable games.

You probably already tried an old trainer for some game. Press F1 for god mode, F2 for unlimited ammo for instance. This is somewhat different, but gets you the same result.

So all you really need to do, is open the program – yes, it’s a program you have to install. But don’t worry, it’s clean. Then let it do a search for you, and apply what hacks you want. It does all the AoB changing for you in the click of a button. That’s going to save you a LOT of time.

Here’s a video where KongHack user Kolonelkadat explains it.

It doesn’t just save you time on the whole changing AoB’s part. Nope, it even lists you what available hacks there are. Less reading and search for you. And some hacks are only available through KongHack Ultra Trainer! So that’s another incentive to use it.

Point tip: If you’re afraid of running low on points because you don’t post much, just use KHU to hack games. Every hack automatically up- or down-votes depending on if it got hacked successfully not. Every vote is worth 5 points. So change out Cheat Engine with KHU and you’re set for life pointwise.

I’m oldschool, don’t want to watch a YouTube movie. Show me step by step in pictures!


Step 1: Create a user on KongHack.

konghack registreringThat’s fairly simple. And seriously, use a legit email! Otherwise mails will bounce and your account will be banned. No fun in that, right?

Step 2: Download KHU.

You can download it right here. It’s a safe program so if your anti-virus programs or firewalls act weird, tell them to be quiet. False alarm.

download khuThose fat links, press either one depending on what you use, 32- or 64-bit. You not a Windows-lad? Well, you can either a) pay Kolonelkadat 200$ so he can get the stuff to make a version for your OS (Mac/Linux) or b) get Windows. Dualboot or whatever. This is for Windows.

You also need the following programs to make it run:

When you got all those programs, you’re good to go.

Step 3: Install it and log-in.

I’m going to assume you know how to install a program, so I’m not going to guide you through all that. Once it’s installed simply open it up and log-in with your Konghack info.

khu login

There, super easy. Once name and password has been entered hit Login.

Step 4: Find a game you want to hack.

Now it gets complicated. What game to hack? There’s so many, so where to start? Well that’s your headache. For this tutorial, I’m going to take Clicker Heroes.

Step 5: Open the game and KHU.

Okay, I’m gonna stop the bleeding obvious now. Not worthy of a screenshot either.

Step 6: Scan browsers!

Press scan browsers

This will scan all your browsers, well all supported browsers anyway. That’s Chrome and Firefox.

Once it has scanned 1 of 2 things will happen.

  1. It finds the game, or if more games are open, the games.
  2. It doesn’t find anything. Bummer.

If A happens, go ahead and double-click the name of the game. You’re good to go. Should B happen, press manual search and type in the name of the game.khu manual search

It should then find the game for you. Again, double-click it and proceed to finding the process. Click the red highlighted button.

no process selected in khu

Now another pop-up comes prompting you to select the process. You got 3 options.

  • Auto mode for Flash games. That’s all games but Unity. Press the browser you’re using.
  • Auto mode for Unity games. That’s no games but Unity. Same thing, press the browser you’re using.
  • Manual mode. Find the right process yourself in the list and click it. Use the auto, it’s faster.

choose the process

When you got the process, continue the journey. Once you’ve read and tried this once, it’s much faster and all these steps seems like no work at all.

Step 7: Choose the hacks you want!

choose your hacks

For this purpose, I’m just taking 2. Note: Alwas read the text next to it if it has any. Failing to follow instructions may cause the cheat to fail.

Apply the hacks

Before applying the hacks, I did what it said. Killed a mob and had the game pick up a coin. Then I went on and pressed Apply Hacks.

If the hacks work, it rates it up. This gives you 5 points to your KongHack point-pool.

If the hack fails, it rates it down and you also get 5 points. That’s points for voting. Keeps your account alive among other ways of getting points.

Note: As I am writing this on the go, I found that either of these two listed hacks makes the game freeze. But it’s okay, because I found one which works and is great fun! “Insane amount of levels per click”. Every time you level your hero, it levels a lot more than it should. The higher it is, the higher it goes.

cid level

Look at Cid. From level 17 to 77. And from 77 to 157. That should speed up things a whole lot.

Step 8: Have fun!

That’s actually it. If the game has no hacks yet, you can try to put a request for it on the KongHack forum. Someone should probably be kind enough to help you out.

Oh, another thing. While this does cut down the time a lot changing AoB’s, it’s only for AoB’s. Any simple hacks such as value x 6 or 8 or whatever or double floatings for instance has to be done through Cheat Engine.

Stay alive on KongHack!

Don’t get yourself banned or point dropped. Because as mentioned, you need your account for this program to work. If you use it every now and then (or daily), that’s no issue tho. As you can see below, you get 5 points per vote, and you only lose 2 points daily.

points from voting

That’s it, hack away!


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  3. Simple_AOB

    You could at least use all the letters in the name to form the correct acronym… KongHack Ultra Trainer = KHUT

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