Pokémon GO is the new Flappy Bird except it’s less annoying and far more dangerous. Don’t we love it?

But as with any games, some people just want that little edge, be it by legit or not so legit means, and here we list them. We start with all the legitimate hacks for Pokémon GO, so if you’re interested in the more greyhat and blackhat hacks for Pokémon GO, you’ll have to reach for the bottom.

Get Pikachu as your starter pet

Most people probably already knows about this little ‘cheat’, but if you don’t and you’d like to get Pikachu as your starter, here’s what you need to do:

When you start the game, 3 Pokémons, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur, spawns around you. Instead of catching one, walk away from them. Shortly after they spawn around you again and once more, simply walk away. Repeat this a few times and Pikachu will spawn with the three initial Pokémons. Now simply approach him and catch him.

This is easier if you turn off augmented reality and just use the map on your phone. How long you have to walk depends. Some people walked several hundred meters other not so much. Personally I got my first 3 de- and re-spawns walking back and forth in my kitchen.

Increase your chance of catching a Pokémon

When you’re facing a Pokémon, instead of simply flicking your finger at the ball, sending it straight against your target, move your finger in small circles on your screen when touching the ball. Doing so causes the ball to spin rapidly and when you feel comfortable, throw the ball towards your targeted Pokémon. With the spinning you’ll send a curve ball and with it an increased chance of a successful catch. Source.

Hatch your Pokémon eggs faster

Who’s got time to walk miles upon miles for an egg to hatch? Not that many, but it doesn’t stop them anyway. But, if you’d like to spend your time more productive while still hatching eggs, here’s a couple of ways you can do it.

  1. Strap your phone to a pet. Don’t strap too tight, you won’t want to harm the pet.
  2. Strap your phone to a fan, either table fan or roof fan. Let it spin and perhaps even play Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) in the background.
  3. Have someone else walk your eggs.
  4. Be creative, so long it doesn’t move too fast.

Use train commutes or bus rides to cover Pokéstops

If you daily travel by bus or train, you can use the ride to pick up some Pokéstop goodies. If you live in San Jose, the 20 mph lightrail is running just the right speed to pass Pokéstops and pick up the stuff too.

Heck, even sitting in a cab or Uber car shouldn’t stop you from cashing Pokéstops.

Or use a drone to collect them instead.

Find more Pokémons

In the series, Pokémons were mostly found in the wild and not that often in populated cities. The ironic thing is, in real life, the spawnings of Pokémons are based on activity and density, so if you want to find the most Pokémons, you have to go to a populated area, be it a mall, city or anything else.

Niantec, the company behind this fuss, uses Google Traffic to monitor activity and frequency. The more frequently visited area, the more Pokémons to be found.

Should you be so unlucky to live out in absolutely nowhere, fret not, have the game open along your friends, it’ll increase the activity and slowly get you some Pokémons spawned.

Find more specific type Pokémons

Ever wondered why you mostly find water-based Pokémons in your lake-hut? Pokémons largely spawn in their in-universe natural habitats, so if you need a specific type, look at their natural habitats. Be aware they don’t strictly spawn according to their in-universe habitats, but the chance to find them at those places are higher.

The different types and their locations

Type Location Examples
Bug Type Countryside, fields, farms, forests, large parks and playgrounds Caterpie, Weedle
Dark Type (N/A) Supposidly cimenas and theatres None released yet
Dragon Type Famous places and andmarks in cities and in the country Dratini
Electric Type Industrial parks, power pants  Pikachu, Voltorb
Fairy Type Cementeries, churches, landmarks and monuments Clefairy
Fighting Type Stadiums, arenas and large gyms Mankey, Machop
Fire Type Residential  Charmander, Vulpix, Growlithe
Flying Type Countryside, farms, fields, forests, large parks and playgrounds Pidgey, Spearow
Ghost Type Cementeries Gastly, Haunter
Grass Type Arable land, farms, forests, gardens, any kind of grass or green space, playgrounds, green residential areas Bulbasaur, Exeggcute, Tangela
Ground Type Railways and airports (play from a distance!), open land and arable land, ditches, streams, not concreted parking Sandshrew, Diglett
Ice Type Grass, glacier or ski Dewgong, Lapras
Normal Type Here, there, everywhere Rattata, Meowth
Poison Type Moors, bogs Bellsprout, Grimer
Psychic Type Any kind of grass or green space, beaches and hospitals Abra, Dworzee
Rock Type Quarries, parking and highways, large commercial installations Geodude, Onix
Steel Type Buildings, railways (Still gotta play at a distance) Magnemite
Water Type  Any body of water, including rivers, lakes, oceans, coasts, harbors, canals Psyduck, Poliwag, Magikarp

Credit to Eurogamer for the locations.

Get Pokécoins for free – Android users only

Using Google Opinion Rewards, you can earn yourself free Play Store Credits which can be used to buy items in Pókemon GO. So instead of having to shell up real money, you just fill some surveys and get it for free. Easy if you’re traveling by car (ie not driving yourself), bus, train or whatever else and looking to kill some time.

Get better gear from Pókestops

Right outside my door are 5 Pókestops. If I walk slowly, I could circle them the entire day, but they’re not really worth anything else outside an occasional egg and Póke Balls.

To get the real juicy stuff, you have to visit the more visited Pókestops, like churches, gyms, malls and parks. Anything larger than a small, weird sculpture. While indeed more balls are great to get, rewards like potions is what’s really great to get.

Find Pokéstops with Ingress

Niantec has another game called Ingress. It use the same technology as Pókemon GO and relies on some portals. You can use that game to find Portals which often has a Pokéstop on the same location.

It’s not a guarantee that there’s gonna be anything, but if you find a location near you with a lot of Portals, chances are, there’s gonna be a lot of Pokéstops too.

Visit the same Pokéstop over and over

All Pokéstops has a 5 minute cooldown, so instead of visiting one stop a day, you can visit it a maximum of 288 times if you take it every 5 minute for 24 hours. So find a place with a good amount of Pokéstops and circle them for a long period of time. Not only will it stock you up really good with Poké Balls, you’ll also burn some nasty calories. Put in some running and you’ll help out your cardio too. Massive win.

Save your battery – turn off Augmented Reality and more

Turning off Augmented Reality is killing a bit of the fun, yes. But it’ll help preserve some of your valuable energy-juice, better known as battery power.

Here’s more things you can do to save your precious phone from dying

  • Turn off sounds.
  • Turn down the brightness to the lowest at which you can still see the game.
  • Kill any and all unnecessary background apps. Music, mail, everything.
  • If you can, lock the screen so the screen goes black between locations.
  • Hit airplane mode until you’ve reached next destination.
  • Limit zooming in and out.
  • Don’t check out spots at a far distance. Go there instead. It’s healthier too.
  • Don’t tap your Pokémons, they drain more of your juice when you do.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • Use the in-game battery saver: Tap the Poké Ball on the main screen, then hit the Settings gear in the upper right corner and turn on battery saver. Once done, your screen goes black when the phone is upside down. That is when the charger slot is in the air (unless you charge by the side). The game is still on and tracks everything, but the display is out.

Trade your duplicate Pokémons for candy

Got a handful of Pikachu or some other Pokémon? Turn them in for candy so you can evolve your other babies faster.

All you have to do is trade your lower-level monsters to Professor Willow. In exchange he hands you candy. Nifty.

Blackhat cheats for Pokémon GO

Reading past this point doesn’t make you a filthy cheater, acting upon it does. You can get banned by doing this, so it’s at your own risk.

Play Pokémon GO on your pc

This might not sound so awful. There’s emulators for everything, but if you’re at a place with absolutely no monsters spawning, you can change your location to a more populated area. How about New York?

Here’s a video which shows you how to do it.

If you decide to take the chance, fly low. Don’t jump from New York to Tokyo to Berlin within a short period of time. In fact, the best you could do is stick to one populated location. That way you’re less likely to get caught and banned.

Be sure to check out KongHack to see if they upload any hacks, be it legit or illegal.

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