There is art and mastery that is needed in order to become a heartbreaker, some would think that having a gorgeous face or a handsome body would be enough to break people’s heart and while having good looks is a positive thing when aiming towards this goal, there is so much more that can be done to achieve the heartbreaker status.

1. Taking care of yourself:

A person, who knows what they want and how to get it, can lead to earning the esteem and admiration of many. No matter how gorgeous an individual is, if they are not able to take care of their own self they can end up being clingy instead of being a cool and prepared individual.

A heart breaker needs to be able to have time to exercise, time to fulfill their own hobbies and pursuits.

They must be able to face their day to day problems with control, this will give them time to evaluate if they like a certain person or not.

If a person is able to take care of themselves, this means there is a lesser chance they will settle with just about anyone who comes along their way.

2. Confidence

A heartbreaker must have confidence; he or she must be able to withhold their emotions in front of so many people.

This will also mean that they would be able to pick among a number of partners they like instead of just sticking to just one individual, they will most likely find the best suitable partner for their needs and will not have a hard time leaving someone that does not fit their criteria. This will then make them appear as heartbreakers, but the truth is that they just know what they want.

3. Staying away from drama

Heartbreakers need to be smooth talkers, they should be able to get away from excessive relationship drama, most of the time they will be focusing on how they will have a good time, instead of how a certain person can hurt them. A real heartbreaker would know how to get hold of their emotions and remain focused on their personal goals.

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