..and why it’s so important for you!

When you decide to start a website, be it affiliate or perhaps meant for AdSense, or a dedicated webshop, it’s important to find a niche to operate in.

A niche is a specialized subject, like a butcher who sells just meat. Or a cheese shop just selling cheese. They specialize on one thing, and just that. You can make it even more specialized, like selling just one type of meat.

Now, you wouldn’t want to sell meat on a website, people would rather just visit their butcher or convenient store.

But why a niche?

By specializing in just one field, regardless how specialized, you can provide better help and knowledge than a website/shop which is about / sells everything from lawnmowers to pots and pans. It’s also less work in terms of not having to write about a whole bunch of products, rather just a few relevant ones depending on the chosen niche.

How to find a good niche

When you’re on the niche-hunt, you want to first ask yourself: What do you like? What do you already know about. That can help you a lot. If you like sport, you can make a site about football equipment or swim gear if that’s your thing. Or perhaps gamer equipment of any sort if you like to play computer. For instance only mouses, keyboards or such. Depending on how focused you want to be.

Finding something you already have an interest in, makes it much easier to keep working on the site, because it won’t feel that much like a chore. If you pick something that bores you, you’re very likely to quit fast.

When you’ve found some niche ideas, it’s time to see if there’s actually money to be earned in it. Making a site about wedding dresses for very short people might be less rewarding than something many people are likely to use.

To find niche ideas, you can use Ubersuggest.org, and when you’ve found some, use Google Keyword Planner to see the search volume. The more searches and less competition the better.

Danes can use Nichefinder.dk to find niche ideas.

Once you’ve found a niche, you want to find an affiliate network which has programs about the chosen niche. A popular choice for sales commission on items is Amazon. While it doesn’t give that much in commission, it converts fine and people tend to buy that little extra item or two, bumping up the earnings.

It doesn’t even have to be a product related site. You can work with downloads, request for quotes, free trials and things like that.

Also keep in mind whether or not the chosen niche is affected by seasons. Swimwear doesn’t sell well in the winter and winter clothing doesn’t do that well in the summer. Unless you want to hit sales, where people buy discounted last-season items.

Some niches are so competitive it’s not even worth the effort. Phone accessories, most notable iPhones. And clothing, unless you find a great angle to approach it with, is going to be really hard to do well in. So if the competition is too hard and simply yells big-ass advertisement budget, save yourself the trouble, it’s not worth it.

As with everything, it takes some trial and error. And your first niche site might not become a success, but that shouldn’t stop you. Keep working on it, a passive income is really great to have.

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