For this method you will need the following tools so as to achieve the best hair cut. How to cut hair men is very important so that you appear presentable at all times. You will require:

  • A comb
  • A pair of scissors
  • Shaver
  • Mirror and plenty of water

Step 1

You should get to the bathroom and wet your hair with lots of water either hot or cold so as to help soften in. From there you should dry it using a dry towel in order to make it easy to handle. You should then comb your hair in order to remove any breakages and be able to learn how your hair shapes itself. This helps you to get an idea of how cut it depending on where it flows.

Step 2

From there, you can get your fingers or a comb and slide them away from you head while holding the hair. This helps you to set the limit or size of hair you want to cut and you should make sure the section you hold gets all the hair in that portion.

Step 3

You should then cut the hair that is exposed from your fingers or comb using your pair of scissors and it should be perpendicular with the comb. After cutting each portion of the hair, you should always look at the mirror and observe your progress so as to get the hair streamlined. After you are done with all the portions carefully, you are supposed to comb the hair into the design that you want.

Step 4

After shaping into the design that you wish by combing, you should confirm that there are no hair strides that do not fall into place. If there are such strands, you should trim them so that the hair design can be even everywhere. After this you should clean up the edges using a shaver which helps to trim the sideburns and making cuts if necessary.

Following these steps ensures that you have a proper and appealing hair cut which is very important.

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