With more than 10 million monthly users, it’s safe to say that 8 Balls Pool is one popular game. But with all games, it can sometimes be funny to cheat a little. Or down right hack the living code out of it.

For this game, we’ll go slow. But that doesn’t make it any less fun. There’s one hack. And you’ll have to download a trainer for it.

Lets hack 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer – Here’s what you do.

First, go hereIf you don’t have it already, download Cheat Engine 6.4. You’ll need it for this!

Secondly, click the link in the hack submit you see.


download cetrainer here

That one right there. If you’re a super paranoid person, don’t be. It’s clean, I’ve tested it out before writing any of this. It’s perfectly fine.

Below it is a guide on how to make it work. You can follow that or follow this. I don’t see anything wrong in restarting the browser anyway, better safe than sorry.

Open up the browser and go to the game – whether you play it directly on miniclip.com or through Facebook doesn’t matter, it works the same.

Load up the trainer and click *CLICK->PROCESS*

click process

That’s going to open up a window. Now you want to find the PID of your Shockwave Flash plugin. This guide here is for Chrome, but however you normally connect Cheat Engine to the Shockwave Flash is what you’ll want to do. Anyway, type about:memory in the url bar and locate Pepper Plugin Shockwave Flash. Note the PID of it, 4 numbers, and go to your calculator.

Now press ALT+3 (click show and go to programming). It should be default be at Dec (Decimals), type in the PID and click Hex (Heximals). Whatever outcome that gets you, is the process you want to pick. In my case the PID is 7936 which in Hex is 1F00. That’s zeros.

When you got the right process, simply press APPLY and wait. If the name of the hack, there’s 2 in it, is failed, it will cross it over with a grey line. If it’s successful, it will go green.

hacks applied

Now all you have to do, is simply get into a match. The line showing where the balls will go fills the entire board, so you can nail shots with deadly accuracy.

That’s how you cheat in 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer. As with any hacks, go silent, you can risk being banned. So miss a few shots every now and then, don’t annihilate your opponent at your first turn. Be smart, but enjoy hacking.

long lines

Here you can see it in action. It was a bit hard to try and line it up well for a great screenshot, since I was on a timer. It’s quite funny to see the opponent leave guaranteed shots because they can’t see the lines that far. The line is extended for both you and the opponent – on your screen that is. They cannot tell you’re playing a bit unfair, unless you make it too obvious. So again, watch out a bit. Don’t get a 500 games 100% win rate, that’s not realistic.

For more hacks for other games, be sure to visit KongHack. Hacks for more than just Kongregate games.


  1. Andrew

    I was pissed of when a friend of mine was winning every game against me on 8 Ball Pool. I started looking for a way to beat him and luckily came over to this site. The tool is working great and is very simple to use. Love it!

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