Conquer the world, nothing less is acceptable!

Idle Conquest is just about that. Being an idle game, it’s meant to take some time. Maybe a long time. But who wants to wait for that? We want world domination now!

There’s various ways for you to speed up the progress, one of them is plain and simply speedhack with cheat engine. But that’s boring, so now you have to choose. How would you like to hack it? The easy way? You can use KongHack Ultra Trainer for Idle Conquest to save some time. Or you can paste the AoBs yourself.

Basic hack for Idle Conquest

Since there’s just 1 AoB for Idle Conquest, I’ll let KongHack show it to you. Instead I’ll give you some basic hacks. Like Doube*1, that basic. You can see them all and the aob here on KongHack, or activate through the trainer.

Amount of buildings

The amount of buildings bought is 4b*1, so the value time 1 (the exact value) searched in 4 byte. Keep in mind that when you alter that amount, it does not count towards achievement, nor does it increase the price. The revenue however goes up accordingly.

idle conquest 3 farms

Here’s one with 3 farms on a fresh game. No Dark Knights.


idle conquest 3001 farms

And here’s again after I changed the amount to 3000 in Cheat Engine and bought 1. So the price is as if I just have 4, but I got far more. The revenue however; increased by a lot. Works with Altars too, so you can get a massive ton of Dark Knights in no time. This trick was submitted to KongHack by user AiriK.

The AoB that’s available on KongHack and through the trainer is to prevent building costs from increasing. If you’re cool with the simple hack here, no need to use the AoB.

But join KongHack anyway, there’s tons of hacks for a ton of games. (Temporarily removed)

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