With almost a million gameplays since 8th of May, Idle Raiders is indeed quite a popular game.

In it’s all simplicity, it’s your duty to gather a group of brave raiders to cleanse the world of evil. All you start out with is a simple fighter and a man offering you some quests. Your calls affects the entire group. You can tell them to go farm, or simply stay put in the guild base.

If you tell them to go farm and one or more dies, they return to the base to rest up. Once they’re all full health and good to go, they venture out on their own. So if you need a full team effort, you can call them all back to the base, and send them out once everyone is in top notch condition.

You can also challenge your group with raids, proving bigger challenges and in return, greater rewards.

In the normal farm, you can click on the mobs to help your team kill the enemies. That is quite useful if you need just a few coins to recruit a new raider.

But this is all good. You’re not here to read about the game, you’re here to learn how to manipulate it to your advantage – hacking the game.

Simple Idle Raiders Hacks

By simple hacks we mean basic Cheat Engine byte hacks.

Simple put, all values – health, damage, experience and money are 4 bytes * 1. So if you have 500 gold, search the value 500 in  4 byte search. If you have 10, search 10 and so on. Spend a little or gain some and search for the new value. Once you only have one or a few, freeze those values or increase the value to any number you feel like.

Hacking Idle Raiders with the Console

By accessing the JavaScript console, you can alter quite some things in the game. You do have to open the game directly to access the JavaScript console. With that you can alter things like your damage, health, money, experience, raid timers, movement speed and much more.

The JavaScript thing was found by the KongHack user ZuckeR along some of the console hacks. Other console hacks available has been found by the user named Gavril also from KongHack.

Find all the console hacks here. You’ll love it.


  1. Smacky

    Hello! I just want to ask a question.

    How can I know the ID of this Kongregate game?

    I just tried to see task manager and tried to use cheat engine on Shockwave Flash Plugin, but it failed. How can I know what is the ID of this IDLE RAIDER?

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Apparently using Cheat Engine on this game, is not quite like normal (plugin-container for Firefox, Pepper Plugin on Chrome). For Firefox you have to target firefox.exe, and chrome.exe for Chrome. Unfortunately that’s easier said than done, since chrome has a chrome.exe for pretty much everything running and not a direct “chrome.exe”. I would suggest opening the game from this link http://game238770.konggames.com/gamez/0023/8770/live/index.html and use the web control cheat instead. It gives you access to the same thing, but you just type in the new values instead.

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