Killing zombies in an insane onslaught isn’t always enough. Sometimes hacks are required.

Well good thing, we’ve got you covered!

Cheating in SAS: Zombie Assault 4 isn’t that hard. All it requires is Cheat Engine.

Hacking SAS: Zombie Assault 4 with Cheat Engine

I’m going to assume you already know how Cheat Engine works. If you don’t, here’s a tutorial on how it works.

Infinite Skill Points

This is an AoB hack. Search for 73 ?? 24 00 ?? ?? ?? 66 ?? ?? D7 10 11 00 00 09 D3 and change it to 73 ?? 24 00 ?? ?? ?? 02 02 02.

Slot always empty

Another AoB hack. Search for 10 ?? ?? 00 09 60 ?? ?? 46 ?? ?? 00 2F ?? AE and change it to 10 ?? ?? 00 09 60 ?? ?? 46 ?? ?? 00 24 00

Simple hack

A simple hack is something like 4 byte or double or any such, not AoBs. Here’s a good one, which should never be used in multiplayer.

Unlimited Turret Ammo

In a game put down your turret and search it’s ammo value as 4 byte*1. So if your turret has 2000 rounds, search for 2000 in 4 byte scan. Have it using some and do another search for it’s new amount of ammo. Either freeze the amount or give it a whole bunch. Your call, just don’t use it in multiplayer as you can easily be called out as a cheater.

Hacking SAS: Zombie Assault 4 with KongHack Ultra Trainer

These aren’t the only hacks available for the game. Not even remotely close. However all the rest can only be used through something called KongHack Ultra Trainer. You can read about it here. You can download it here.

Some of the hacks that’s available through KongHack Ultra Trainer are

  • Instant reload
  • Free ammo
  • Zero movement penalty from guns
  • Grade 10 slots
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Failed Mission XP x120
  • Increased zombie spawn rate
  • Faster cooldowns
  • Buyable StrongBox cost 0
  • 100% drop rate and higher money amount pickups

And more. There’s a good 30 available hacks for SAS: Zombie Assault 4. So what are you waiting for? Go get hacking. Get KongHack Ultra Trainer, it’s the last best friend you’ll ever need.


    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      It’s already hacked and on Konghacks page about it. Just click here.

      I can’t guarantee it’s still working, also it’s not my hack so I can’t do much about it if it doesn’t work.

          1. Diamond

            I can’t seem to get KongHack or CheatEngine to work at all on SAS 4. Can I get some assistance with this?

          2. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

            With KongHack Trainer; If you found the game by manual search, did you then pick the right processor?
            With Cheat Engine: Same thing, did you do the proper steps on the correct process?

          3. Diamond

            If I posted this twice I’m sorry. Browser had problems. I just needed a skill reset again because my skills are terrible, and I still wish to use it in multiplayer. If the skill reset itself couldn’t be hacked, then I was hoping that I could hack the coins to buy the skill reset.

          4. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

            It’s cool, more comments make the site look more active 😛 If it can’t find the game on an auto search, try the manual. Perhaps even on another browser.
            The only hack I could find with skill points is an infinite skillpoint one. But I don’t play the game myself, so I don’t know if other people can see your points and then call hack on you. So that’s a risk up to you to take.

          5. Diamond

            They will most likely find out that I’m a hacker if I did that, and I still wish to keep the account and use it in multiplayer. I don’t want infinite skill points for that reason, I just need to hack the NK coins so that I can reset my skills to be a better character.

          6. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

            If those NK coins are Premium currency, ie bought for real money, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. KongHack has a strict policy against hacking such currency. Hasn’t stopped some in some games, but I’m afraid there aren’t any here. Not from KongHack anyway. There could maybe be some on the more blackhat hack sites.

        1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

          Terribly sorry for the awful long reply time. There are some email providers which KongHack doesn’t accept. I believe that’s Yahoo and Hotmail. If you use either, do yourself a favor and go Gmail. 🙂 If that’s not the case, I would just suggest trying a different mail all together.

        2. Diamond

          I have a Kongregate account and scanned with the KongHack, but it didn’t give me anything, even after I refreshed the page.

          1. Diamond

            My replies are all over the place, sorry. I’d still like to be able to use SAS 4 in multiplayer, I just need another skill reset. Hence, If I can’t hack the skill reset itself, then hack the NK coins to buy another one.

      1. Diamond

        Here’s the thing. I was wanting to know if you could do a hack with a mobile device. I have seen applications that do this, but they require that I unlock them in some way, by downloading an app. I’d do this, but my device is a kindle and some apps they want me to download are not supported by it. Please help me with this, I’d really appreciate it.

        1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

          Isn’t a Kindle just to read e-books on? I personally can’t hack games, and I have to admit that, as a Kindle user, you’re likely in a very small group of people, so the odds of anyone taking the time to create something specifically for the device is unfortunately very slim.

          1. Diamond

            Well it’s one of the advanced kindles, a kindle fire 6 HD. Do you know of anyone that could do this for me? I do happen to have a pc account as well, but I do not have a personal computer to use it.

          2. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

            I see the first ones were using Android, then later based somewhat on it and now the latest got their own OS. KongHack is in the making of an Android Trainer, I think that would be the best bet, really. It’s not yet in alpha testing, but according to the developer, close to.

            I don’t know if pc and mobile accounts are connected, but if they are, you could borrow a pc from someone/somwhere/at a friends house/whatever to gimp out your account.

  1. eric

    can someone hack my account i would greatly appreciate it. i made a seperate account just in case username: (removed) password: (removed) Thanks to whoever does this 🙂

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Eric, let me give you a good advice – never, ever share account information. Even if it’s a separate account. Don’t share such stuff.

      With that said, you should just download KongHack Ultra Trainer and hack it yourself. Sure, I could do it for you, but I don’t know what you want. So I could give you items that would instantly ban you. What good is it then? So you should always do it yourself, so you know what you get.

      1. eric

        i made a different account just incase i got banned the account i shared only has a level 2 assault player and nothing else on any game

        i appreciate your concern but my computer is screwed up and it wont let me download KongHack Ultra Trainer so i actually cant possibly do it my self 🙁

        1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

          Just tried, my trainer refuses to find just SAS 4. Haven’t updated it in a while, so that might be it. Anyways… If anyone wants to help out Eric, here’s the username and password.. Username: hellgateballer24 Password: ericrich

  2. John Snow

    Hey dude, I’m trying to hack by myself but I can’t find any tutorial teaching the first steps. I have downloaded the swf and I have JPEXS installed… How to search for codes? Can you tell me how to I find the controller of the Titanium box?

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Ah, I’m afraid it’s out of my knowledgebase. I don’t make these hacks myself, I simply help spreading them and Konghack as a whole (I’m just a member of it).
      However, there’s a fine guide here on how to find and make AoB hacks – with images and stuff.

      I hope that can help you 🙂

  3. Terroya

    Hey Jonas, Kong Trainer is really amazing but is there a way to view the various codes to edit them? Such as making WildCards to various codes if they push out an update I could change some of the codes that they will always be available. Could you hit me up if its possible to share the various codes? For example Instant Reload or “Ignore movement penalty from guns” Those two just got patched recently.

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      I’d love to say yes, but would have to limit myself at a maybe.

      TIM, the owner of Konghack, made it possible for hack-creators to hide their AoBs, to prevent abuse. Largely some people went so far as to sell public available codes. So that’s why they are now hidden. However, you can always send the creator a PM and ask if he/she would care to share the AoB with you.

      Judging by your line “I could change some of the codes”, I take it you know how to edit and perhaps find AoBs. So what you could do, is help the site out with hacks of your own. One day you might get in the elite, or “Trusted” group, where you get access to badass hacks not available to the normal member.

      Either way, good luck with it. 🙂

    1. person

      and the reason I don’t use konghack is cause I forgot my user name (they need to make a thing so I can find it out and the recaptchapas are broken for me so I cant use a new one)

      1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

        That’s a bummer. I suggested it on their forum now, but until then, perhaps just keep trying to see if the recaptcha works?

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Well, if anyone feels like getting his account banned, do feel free.. On a serious note, Yags, do the work yourself, it’s already a ton easier with hacks.

  4. Drew

    Hi there is any possible way to hack the alloy in Sas 4 with CE? if so i would really appreciate a Code for it and the empty slot code worked fine thanks for that just wish i could get a code for the alloy perhaps maybe buying strongboxes in the store and selling for alloy and to get more than just 8!!

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Your best bet is to ask on I don’t do the hacking myself, unfortunately, so I can’t even give it a shot. Also regarding the 8 strongboxes, I’ve read on KongHack that if you get more than 8, you get flagged for automatic ban. So I wouldn’t recommend that.

      1. Rhys Gulko

        EAC Is Elite Augment Core. Konghack released a hack for it at one point months ago, then removed it a week later. I got over 300 EACs from the limited time! 😛

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Hit the konghack forums and mark the cheat as not working, that’ll notify the creator of the hack. Wether or not it’ll be updated however is no guarantee.

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Nope, unfortunately not. But get a throwaway email and do the silly surveys or offers (don’t pick a paid one for obvious reasons) for the code.

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Konghack is just the forum, not a person. It’s a lot of different people who provides the hacks. Chances are they could hack the turret count. How? I don’t know, and I’m sure they won’t tell. The best thing to do with hacks and other exploits is to keep quiet about it. That’s also why many of the AOBs are hidden so they can’t get leaked and patched.

  5. Caster

    Just a quick one. If you hack the buyable strong boxes to drop black equipments and slots empty, do you get banned by the automated anti-hack software?

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      I actually don’t know. But here’s a thing you can try to find out: Make a new account, preferably through some kind of proxy. Test it out playing only single player (no players to report you for obvious hacking) and see. If you get banned within some hours (I don’t know how fast the automatic ban works), then it’s not safe to use on your main account.

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      I can test right now, but if there’s more than 1 SAS4 version, did you pick correct one then? If you did, all I can recommend is to uninstall the trainer and re-install it.

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