So, you want to learn how to make a website, but isn’t quite sure what to do, or where to start? Fear not, I will help you. It’s quite simple, actually.

Finding a name for your website

Alright, so first of all, you want a name for your website. All websites actual name, is an IP adress. But there’s nothing easy in that. Just imagine that. “Hey dude, visit my new website at” Are you gonna remember that? Hardly, so it’s easier to have a name for it. The given IP is an example, and doesn’t load a website. I’ve tested it.

What kind of name you pick, is up to you. If it’s for a personal blog, it can be anything. If it’s for a webshop, you could try to include whatever you sell in your name. So in case you sell computer parts, your name could be This name example is taken, but set for sale. It’s probably a domain shark who wants several thousand dollars for it, so in case you actually do sell computer parts, find a new name.

When you look for a domain name, you could be creative as well. I personally got a forum named I use the Italian domain ending for that. It wasn’t cheap, but it’s funny. The forum isn’t any active, so here’s an advice from me: Don’t make a forum unless you’re 110% dedicated to it.

Registering a domain name

Okay, so you’ve found your domain name, now it’s time to register it. That can be done various places, simply search for ‘buy domain’ in Google, and you’ll find plenty of hosting providers registering domains. Or you can go to and buy there. I don’t use GoDaddy myself, but a Danish provider. The reason I pick GoDaddy for this guide, is because they got a country-specific version for 42 countries.

Depending on which domain ending you choose, like .com, .net, .it and so on, the price is different. Some are cheap, some are extremely expensive.

Finding a host provider

Unless you host your website at home, which is very unlikely, you’re going to need a hosting provider. Some providers are cheap, but usually doesn’t give much room. Like space, amount of monthly traffic and such. What hosting you need, is always a question of the purpose of the website. Is it only a personal blog, then a cheap hosting solution is plenty. Is it a webshop with a high amount of products, then you may consider a larger, more expensive solution. GoDaddy’s webhosting starts at 6.29$ a month, but allows 25.000 visitors a month on one website, and 100 GB space. That’s a terrible lot, so a pretty good price. Especially good if you post a lot of pictures. But again, what suits your need may be something else so do a search on Google to see which suits you better.

I would under any circumstances suggest a hosting provider with ‘One-click install’. It makes it so much easier to install a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! or something else.

Setting up the website

If you pick a provider with One-click install, this part is very easy. Simply pick the CMS (Content Management System) you want to use. The most common choice is WordPress. It’s a blog platform, but is very flexible so it can easily become a one-page website, or perhaps an online resume. Webshop, question and answer portal and much more. It all depends on which template you decide to use, and which plugins to get the features you need.

And that is actually it. Once your domain has been registered, your webhotel activated and a CMS installed, you got yourself a website. Right there, completely painless. Now, don’t expect your website to get a lot of visitors right away. It takes time before Google notice your website, so write a lot of content and share the website with your friends. Optimizing your website so it gets more visitors, is called SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, but we’ll cover that in another article.

Now, go enjoy your website and write a lot of good content for your audience.

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