Have you developed your own website and are now on the hunt for a good, and most important of all a cheap webhost, then read this post carefully. In this short article you will get some quick tips on how to save a lot of money on your webhosting without making compromises to the quality of the hosting provided.

Find a discount code online

You might have already scanned the market for different types of webhosting companies, and you might also already have made it all the way to their checkout. If you did so, did you then notice a small text saying “redeem voucher code”, “redeem coupon code” or “redeem discount code”? If not you have probably been sleeping since most of the webhosting companies do actually take voucher codes on your purchase.

So the first tip on how to save money in your webhosting is to google “voucher code [name of preferred webhost]” and you will most probably find some kind of discount code. The codes differ in the amount given in discount, but most likely you will get up to 40% in your initial purchase. Try googleling “coupon code ”.

We want to help you on your way and therefore we have already fount a discount code for one of Europe’s largest hosting companies UnoEuro. Get 3 months of free webhosting with the using the code found here: .

Become a hosting affiliate

A lot of people earn money on referring potential customers to the hosting companies. When a referral become an actual sale, the person who referred the (now) customer gets a commission on the sale. The commission is typically larger than the actual purchase, because the customer is often tied to the hosting company for a number of months and therefore will pay more than the initial purchase over time.

So what you can do to save money is to become an affiliate of the hosting company that you want to use yourself. Then, when you go by your hosting make sure to use your own affiliate link. As soon as you have completed the purchase you will most probably have gotten a commission which outweighs your first payment to the hosting company thereby saving money. This might not seem pretty, but is actually totally fine, as hosting company will after all get you as the customer instead of you going elsewhere.

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