“Aw man, if only this game was just a bit easier..” or perhaps “Boy do I wish I had more money to buy that cool gun and pwn whatever stands in my way..”

Well, you’ve probably said either or a third thing sometime when you’ve played a game. How do you fix it? You cheat!

But here’s the problem: You use Google Chrome, and have no clue how to use Cheat Engine in Chrome Browser.

NOTE: Since Google has removed the about:memory tab, finding the proces ID is done by pressing shift and escape. Thanks to Jack for letting us know. 🙂

Well then, first you download Cheat Engine. When that’s done, install it. No hard stuff here. Just keep an eye out for the ads in the installer, and decline them.

When that’s done, or in case you already has Cheat Engine, the harder part starts. Connecting it to Chrome.

So here’s what you do..

  1. Open a new tab and type in “about:memory” without the quotes in the url bar and hit enter.
  2. Find Pepper Plugin – Shockwave Flash.
    processor list
  3. Look at the PID number. It changes everytime you open up a new Chrome window.
  4. Open your calculator and hit ALT+3 (View > Programming) The following picture is in Danish, but it shows where to click and which option to choose.
  5. Set the counter to Decimal ‘dec’, and type in the PID. In this case our PID is 5176 so we type in 5176.
  6. Press Heximal ‘hex’ and see what number it gives you. Keep in mind that it can be a regular number, or a combination of letters and numbers. Our reading says 1438.
  7. Open up Cheat Engine and press the little computer in the left top corner. Chances are there’s a blinking box around it, so you can’t miss it.
  8. Find the number from the calculator.
    CE process list
  9. Press Open and you’re good to go.

How the different types of cheat is used will be covered in all the following guides on how to hack various games. A great idea if you’re new to Cheat Engine is to try out the tutorial. It gives you a good idea of how things work, and what to do. Trying to hack a game is sometimes about guessing, unles you have a how-to to follow.

One very important thing: Always make sure you close down Cheat Engine before playing ANY online games. You may risk getting banned with no chance of getting un-banned.


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  2. Ami

    It doesn’t work for me.
    Desired game: Bloodletting.org
    I write a new value and click Next Scan, it shows nothing, when just one address was supposed to show up and I could edit the values.

    Please, help me.

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      One adress isn’t always supposed to come, sometimes you can get more, simply because the value is tied to more adresses. However, did you try the various things out, like 4-bit times 6 or 8, maybe 4 bit times 6+8? Sometimes those does the trick, other times you may have to look at entirely different things to search for, like double or float or something else. Also, since the game is multiplayer, there’s a fair chance it’s all run server-side, making it far harder if not impossible to alter with Cheat Engine.

      But maybe try to ask on Konghack.com, maybe they can help you better than I can.

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      It would be awesome if you had written that in English so people understood, but I got an idea of what you’re saying. The about:memory doesn’t work anymore. I am unfortunately aware of that, I just haven’t had time to edit the guide yet. Shame on Google for being silly and removing a function they thought unnessecary, but was quite crucial for game cheaters.

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      What game? What do you do? Did you pick the right process ID? So many questions; so few answers. 🙂

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