Don’t blow the load too soon.. 

Premature ejaculation is a really serious problem for all men and it causes some to fall into deep cases of depression. There are so many causes of premature ejaculations some being physical reasons but a majority of them being psychological. Alcoholism is one of the reasons, stress is the other. If you can control these problems then you will be able to solve the problem as well.

However, that is easier said than done. Here are some few tips on how to last longer in bed. 

Tip 1: Relax and control yourself.

Over-excitement can put a severe dent on the time you will last in bed and most men do not know this. Since you are not planning on having a quickie, do not get very fast into the sex. Take your time to kill the tension and excitement in your body. This way you will not be close to orgasm constantly. It is advisable to start with a very slow pace then you can jump into serious action when you are comfortable and relaxed.

Tip 2: Do not try to be too impressive.

Performance anxiety is one of the reasons why some men fail to last long in bed. Do not try to impress your partner so much. Go with the moment, enjoy yourself and try your best to make your partner also enjoy themselves. It is not a competition. 

Tip 3: Stop when you get too close.

Stopping the rhythm when you are close to orgasm will help keep you from falling off that particular cliff. When you feel that you are about to go off and it is still too early, stop the rhythm. Change position or do something else to prevent you from reaching orgasm when you do not want to. 

Tip 4: Masturbate before the intercourse.

This might be a little bit tricky. Having an orgasm before sex will guarantee that you last very long in bed. The problem comes in where erection is concerned. For some men it can take a while before the orgasm. Some partners can be really supportive and will help you solve this problem.

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