Easy Steps On How To Look Like Selena Gomez

Who doesn’t know Selena Gomez? Are you one of those people who inspired by everything she does? Is she your idol? If you really want to know how to look like selena gomez, this article is for you and you could follow these easy steps.

The Eyes, Face, Hair and Lips Make Up

Selena has the dark, huge and shiny eyes, so you could add some make up tricks to make your eyes like her beautiful natural shine eyes.

Use a high quality eye shadow: apply a lighter to color the lids and apply a darker color to your creases, make sure the tones match your eyes color.

Apply the eyeliner: Choose dark brown or black. Use mascara: You could use a high quality mascara and set it near your eyelash.

Selena has a naturally pretty pink lips and full mouth, you can use some easy steps to emulate her look.

You can moisturize your lips: get a moisturizing lip and use it whenever your lips get chapped or dry.

Use a high quality lips gloss: a nice lips gloss could keep your lips as natural as hers.

Use the lip liner: Selena lips are pinkish, so you have to use a little lip liner.

Selena has a natural and fresh faced, and here are some tips to make your face look likes her.

Use cleanse: Use a good cleanser once time daily is a good start.

Moisturize: use a lightweight moisturizer to avoid flaky and dry skin.

Apply a simple make up: Use a sheer foundation which matches your skin color, put on a dusty rose blush or bronze to get her natural looks.

Selena has shiny and sleek hair which would great without any styling. Your hair could be any colors, you can try to talk with your stylish about her long layers hair, get a shoulder length look and try the dipped hair look.

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