Many people want to look rich.
This doesn’t mean purchasing a home you can’t actually afford, vehicles you can’t actually afford or any other stuff that you actually can’t afford. Actually, you appear to be very rich, but you are an ordinary person or you are even barely making ends meet. However, you don’t have to struggle so much to appear rich. You can put on an appearance that could make you look higher up on the ladder than you actually are.

The best thing is that you can do this easily even on a tight budget. Whether you want to earn more respect by impressing other people or simply to fit in the moneyed crowd, here are some easy steps on how to look rich:

Step 1: Build a good reputation

For instance, to earn a good reputation, you need to make some changes in your life. A good reputation will earn you more respect. While this might take time, you will definitely be on the right track.

Step 2: Having money is important

Nevertheless, you don’t need much. Earn some money. Do something to earn some money, whether seeking employment or setting up a business.

Step 3: Dress to impress

However, this does not mean you need to spend all your money on clothing. Go to cheaper malls and clothing outlets and buy some good clothes at a price you can afford. Makeup is important for girls. Makeup will cover any facial blemishes that might make people look down upon you. Get matching accessories and other stuff that can make a statement.

Step 4: Maintain proper personal hygiene

You will never see a famous person that appears dirty (with a few exceptions..) so hygiene is vital to appearing rich.

Step 5: Have a positive attitude

Being snobbish might get you recognized and you might be able to feel comfortable around the moneyed crowd, but it is important to ensure you have a positive attitude at all times. Also, pay attention to the manner you talk and walk. Pay attention to how the elite actually behave in public places.

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