Here goes a guide on the instructions that are required to be followed in order to make a minecraft sever. Following are the steps that would deal you to make a minecraft server of your own.

Step 1.

Firstly, the minecraft software is needed to be downloaded from the downloading sites. Once the software gets downloaded you will need to click on the file. Along with the file the server gets downloaded alongside. The minecraft server happens to be a jar file.

Step 2.

You need to create a folder of you own in some part of the hard disk and save the minecraft server file there.

Step 3.

Next, you have to check whether your Java version is upgraded or not. If not, you will need to upgrade the version and download the latest version of java from the official java site.

Step 4.

After this, open the .exe file containing the server software. On doing this, the server will configure itself automatically. After the server configuration it can be handled even without a router.

Step 5.

If there is no router, the server will make it accessible within the home network and make itself online within that network. If there happens to a problem while doing this, it is suggested to follow the instruction that would be mentioned there.

Step 6.

You can personalize your server by going to the ops.txt file in the sever operator and there you can change the name of the server and name it accordingly.

 Step 7.

You can share you personalized IP by letting others know about it. You can know it yourself by asking it to Google. You can configure your router accordingly as well, in case you have one. There are several beneficiary factors about having a router in this case. In this case you might in fact use it further properly.

Thus, once all of these have been done, you can simply get off the server by cancelling it. This is how you can make your own minecraft server.

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