There are innumerable options to learn the art of playing guitar. You can opt for an institute that teaches musical instruments, you can hire a local teacher who can come to your residence and give you exclusive attention, watch online video and instructional DVDs. Deciding upon the path or tool can make your achieve your goal fast. But like every art, mastering is a tough road and takes years of patience, guidance and dedication to learn the art.

Step 1.

So start with adhering to the rules of the art as they are set by the maestros. The first rule is maintaining discipline. Set a specific time or hour when you will practice guitar and do not interchange it with any other work often. This will disturb the dedicated pattern of work.

Step 2.

Learn from the basics rather than jumping to the intricacies. If you do not learn the techniques properly, then you might have to pay for your wrong habits later on and it will pinch them more than at the start. So get the basics rite before you embark on a journey of compositions.

Step 3.

Although learning the fundamental chords might get a little boring in the initial stages and you might want to jump into composing songs, yet it is better to listen to your instructor if he thinks that the time is not ripe enough to learn the complexities involved in compositions. It is best to follow the guidance. It is only when you pass a certain stage and develop mastery can you leap into the intricacies of the art be it playing songs, composing your own tune etc. Getting a grip on the fundamentals go a long way in helping you in the long run.

There are no secret “How to play guitar” books which will promise to make you master artists overnight. Time, patience and consistency is essential in learning this art just like anything on this planet, be it art or academics.

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