It is important to learn how to roll a joint like a pro whether you are enjoying your joint for pleasure or medicinal purposes. By learning the basics of rolling a simple joint, then it will not be hard to learn how to roll the more advanced ones like the “secret agent’, the “Saturday Night Special”, a “Magic Carpet joint”, the “Flaming back Flip”, a “Knee Trembler”, the “Joker joint” etc. These are the simple steps to learning how to roll a simple joint.

Step 1

The Mix

This is the most important part of rolling a joint. It is crucial to ensure that there are no lumpy bits in the mix. This greatly helps during rolling because a joint clogged up with cannabis may not go down smoothly.

Step 2


Distribution of the mix in the paper is crucial as it determines the shape the joint will take. Since most joints are cone shaped, it is advisable to go for that shape. Though cone shapes may be a little harder to roll, their smoke is better.

Step 3

The Roach

The third step is where the roach is put for the joint. It should be placed before rolling it up because it is much easier then. Putting it before also ensures that it is a perfect fit.

Step 4

Rolling it up

Rolling up the joint is the trickiest part of the rolling process, but with practice and patience, it will come naturally after some time. The best way to ensure a nice joint is to pick the whole of it and by starting in the middle, begin to roll as you move outwards. Make sure to use your thumbs to do most of the rolling and your fore fingers for pressure and support.

Step 5

Finishing the Roll

This is the final step of rolling the joint. Once you feel that the mix is of even consistency and firm, use the tip of your thumbs to tuck the bottom half beneath then leak the top half, and wrap to seal the joint.

After properly sealing it, the joint is ready to be smoked. Ensure your joint is firm but not so tight as it could strain your lungs when you try to smoke it. You should ensure the joint is not too loose either, as it will taste very rough and burn away too fast.

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