Yet another game you want to hack. Whatever the reason, feel free.

Swarm Simulator, the game full of intentional bugs. Pun intended.

A little digging revealed that the creator of the game is quite active fixing cheats – he was 5 months ago anyway – so I won’t spit them out here making it too easy for him. Sorry.

Instead I’ll guide you directly to a site which has working cheats. But I won’t leave you empty handed. So below is an import code which has everything unlocked. Then you can tremble in fear over the large numbers you just gained for doing no work what so ever.

Find the Swarm Simulator cheats here. Note you’ll need to create an account to see them. Takes no time, and gives you access to a huge load of hacks to an even larger pile of games.

Also, here’s the import code for you super-impatient people.


  1. Josh

    Not sure how long ago this was posted, or if you figured out the css/js to fix the cheat code wrapping breaking your site, but i was bored and whipped up a quick fiddle that’ll show you how you can fix that issue.. it uses jquery, which you already have in your source, along with some basic css and jquery code to fix the sizing of the textarea.. read the description on the fiddle.. Hope this helps and thanks for the site!

    code overflow fix fiddle:

    1. Jonas Forsberg Article Author

      Just checked it out. Much appreciated you took the time, unfortunately the guy running this site is much of a no-brainer when it comes to codes. I’ve tried to insert the codings in the places that made most logic to me. The CSS in style.css and the javascript in functions.php as that made most sense to me. It gave me quite some errors so I decided to not fiddle around much, I’d hate to bust the site because I got no idea what I do. 😛

      But if you could tell me where I went wrong, that’d be awesome! 🙂


      Edit: Not sure why I didn’t think of this in the beginning.. It’s a bit better now using Pastebin and their embedding option. No more broken page. 🙂

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