Kitten training tips

One critical fact to remember when you want to know how to train kittens, mainly when you’re house training them, is that scolding the kitten simply does not work much of the time. Many owners, at first, when trying to litter box train their kitten, get frustrated because they’re not able to catch the kitten in an act of offense so that they can appraise them.

People will usually explain to the kitten the proof and try to give discipline to the cat at that time, and at times even draw the it back to the box and then forces him to dig inside the litter. What the kitten is getting as part of the kitten training is that being taken up by the owner is an awful experience and that the litter box is a tormenting chamber.

It’s hard to catch cats in the act of being bad. They don’t like to be trapped, and of course they hate to be disciplined. Punishments should deter bad behavior, not simply convince your cat to only be bad when your not home.

Kittens do not keep track of time like we do, so if you’re punishing him for something he did an hour ago, he won’t make the connection. It’s been known that some will act up to get notice, which action leads to him continuing to be naughty.

If the new kitten has arrived from a very respectable breeder, the kitten will be given cat training in use of a litter box. In such cases, cat problems may be reduced. Kittens often learn from mother cats, and breeders will emphasize what kinds of things the mother cat has taught them.

Consult with the breeder before bringing your kitten home, regarding the litter box. Introducing the kitten to a new brand, my make them shy away from using it. If there are changes to be made, make them gradually, so the kitten can accept it.

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