How to Train Siri Application


There is no doubt that people who have used Siri were amazed at first trial but within no time, they turned down the application. Why? The answer is obvious; Siri could not come out clearly on what it is saying. This should not bother you because the app has been developed with intelligence and you cannot easily understand its greatness during the first use. Apple have affirmed that during the first days, you may be brighter than this personal assistance app but thereafter, it will be clever than you. You need to give it time before you can interact comfortably. Believe it or not, you can know how to train Siri after following the steps below;

Step 1: Always Speak the Correct Name

In most cases, Siri may fail to pronounce your name correctly. If this happens, all that you need to do is to tell it this, “learn how to pronounce (any name e.g. Wilbert)” and the app will give you a set of procedures that will help it in grasping the stated name pronunciation.

Step 2: Who Are They?

Siri will most certainly assume that most of the instructions given to it are about a person. It is good to come out clean and get the app informed in detail. For example, if you want to make Siri understand that “Sheila” is your fiancée, tell the program that way and within no time, you can ask the software to call my fiancée and it will exactly call Sheila. Always associate a person’s name with who they are with you. It could be friend, work-mate, sister and brother just but to mention.

Step 3: Make Siri Hear Better

It is not rare for the app to fail to listen correctly what you said. The good thing is that this can be evident via a blue mark on the drawing indicating what you have just said. Any place that has a blue mark is a sign that Siri didn’t get you clearly. You can tap the area and let the system hear you again and next time if you repeat the same word(s) it will not have any problems.


These are just but some of the many ways on how to train Siri. If you master most of them, you will have a fun time with this iOS app.



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