Here’s a guide that shows you how to use Cheat Engine on Unity Web Player on any browsers.

..okay not any, just the most popular browsers.

With more and more Unity games being released, and ever-more people wanting to hack the living wuhu out of it, it’s fantastic to know just which process to target. The wrong one could crash your browser, forcing you to start all over. Great waste of time.

Now, I could make one post showing how to find the right process on just one browser, but I won’t. Instead I’ll take the most popular browsers and list them in a random order that I feel like.

Sidenote: if you already know how to do all this, but want to find hacks for Unity games, try KongHack. It’s free and awesome.

How to find the Unity processor with Cheat Engine

So, an un-ordered list is following. Just scroll down until you find the browser you use. Should you be a hipster and use a complete unknown browser that I haven’t covered – sorry man, try to catch up with another browser.

Chrome browser

The approach with Chrome is fairly simple. In the url bar type: about:memory and hit enter.

You will now see some processes. Find the one that says Plug-in Unity Player

It has a number next to it, which will change every time you close and re-open your browser.

unity webplayer

In my case it says 2552. Now open your calculator and choose Programming mode. Or alt + 3 on Windows. Type in the numbers in Dec (Decimal) and click Hex (Heximal). Take the result in Hex and open your Cheat Engine and find the processor having the result from the calculator.

In my case the result is 9f8.


I’m doing all this on-the-go, so you can see some text in the image from the article. Yup, that’s how I roll.

When you’ve found the right processor, you’re good to go. Hack away!


When hacking games on Firefox, the process is most often “target plugin-container.exe”. And the process with Unity, is the same.

However.. You will most likely see 2 plugin-container.exe

two plugin containers

Pick the latter one. From what I’ve read, the first is for Flash and such, and the second for Unity. Should it not work, do try the other one too. Rather rule one out, than give up. Those games must be hacked!


This one is for all those Mac-users, or Safari-on-Windows fans.

Truth told, I’m actually Googling some of the ways myself. I normally only use Chrome, so some of these browsers, especially Safari are new to me. I had no luck on it, so I had to go for trial and error.

Lucky me, first times right.

Target WebKit2WebProcess.exe

target this to hack unity on safari with cheat engine

It’s most likely going to have another set of numbers and letters for you, but still the one to target.


Opera is ridiculous! It’s just like Chrome, but with more steps initially.

First you want to enable Developer Tools.

enable developer tools

Once you got that, go to Developer tools (will come right below as seen on the screenshot)

Once you got that open, go to Developer tools > Task Manager

Opera task manager

Click it and the Task Manager will open in a pop-up window.

Now find Plug-in: Unity Player

plug-in: unity player

Note the Process ID.

Open up your calculator and press ALT+3 (to enable programming calculator).

Set it to Dec (Decimal – should be default), and type in the Process ID.

In my case, its 1684. Once that’s typed in, press Hex (Heximal).

The given number or letter(s), or combination, is the process you want to target. In my case the result is 694.

The target to choose for opera browser

And that’s it. A really long, boring process but hey.. Opera likes it complicated, apparently.

Internet Explorer

I have no idea why I even bother with this one. Really!

But some people use it (why?!), so yea..

For reference, I use Windows 7, Internet Explorer version 9.0.8112. And once this tutorial has been completed, it shall be removed.. somehow.. waste of my space.

Okay scratch it all. I really did give it a shot, but lots of fails happened when I did. Every time I clicked a drop-down menu, a button got stuck on the screen, and it refused to start the game I did the hack testing on, because it said my Flashplayer was outdated. So I refuse to do anything for IE.

Here’s my suggestion for you few 2.. maybe 3 who use Internet Explorer: Get. Another. Browser.

Any of the above works and is by far better. Microsoft should just stop trying to work on the browser market..

To all the rest of you out there, why are you even reading this? Get hacking!

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