How to write good articles..

Article writing is a good business at the moment for all the hustlers. If you can write the best article to the requester the better. This will increase your earnings. When you have committed yourself into writing articles, please be serious about it. Remember nothing comes on a silver plate on this earth. Relax; I will give you the most interesting tricks that can do well with you in minutes. Be keen. The following are five ways of writing a good article.

Step 1: Follow instruction.

In everything you do, learn to follow instructions. The requester normally gives you instructions that he feels you should follow. Follow such instructions carefully because they are meant to guide you into writing a very nice article.

Step 2: Let your ideas flow.

Many writers have good ideas to write but the problem is they don’t know how to bring them out. Take time before writing any article and think how you can arrange your ideas or facts into sentences. Write them down in a rough draft using Microsoft word in your computer. Proof read them and come up with a final draft. The time given is enough for you.

Step 3: Be grammatically correct.

Use the correct grammar to help readers understand what you have written.

Step 4: Write articles which you have good knowledge in.

Don’t choose anything you are not sure of. It is good to write articles which falls under the field you read for in you education.

Step 5: Be smart.

Being smart here means everything we have discussed above should come as it should be. Even the format of your work reflects how smart you are.

How to write an abstract..

Abstract is just a summary of the whole work you have done. It is meant to give an overview of what you have done and helps the reader to have an idea of what is contained in the whole work. Just give a summary and that is your abstract.

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