We seldom stop to think about it, but the ways in which we use our electronic devices contribute to a great deal of pollution. We busy ourselves with sorting trash, discussing toothbrush materials and minimizing our meat consumption. But most of us overlook a huge part of our modern life that we could easily adjust in order to lead a more environmentally friendly life – and save quite a bit of money while doing so.

The many long hours we spend in front of our cellphones, computers, TVs and other electronic devices quickly add up – and although we can neither see it, smell it nor feel it, the environment still pays for it in ways that are not immediately noticeable to the average person. Read on and find out how to be smarter about using your electronics and help maintain the health of the planet, while you are at it.

Get repairs and buy electronics used

First and foremost, slowing down our massive consumption of electronics and quelling our constant need to buy new stuff would greatly benefit the environment. For an example, you could start by holding yourself back the next time you find yourself about to break the bank for the newest iPhone. Ask yourself the questions: Do I really need a new phone, or am I just hyped up over the new features? And are they so amazing that I must replace my current phone well before it actually needs it in order to get them?

If the answer is that, yes, you are just an overexcited techie, and nothing is really wrong with your current phone – then you should probably at least consider the purchase for a bit longer. However, if you are confident that your phone is, in fact, on its death bed, we would advise you to take a look at what repairing it would cost – and if this proves completely impossible, utilize one of the many trustworthy shops specializing in selling used and restored phones instead.

If you must throw out devices– be green about it

Are you stuck with a dead cellphone or a computer that’s water damaged beyond repair? Then the environment will thank you for making sure to get rid of them in a correct, sound manner. As a private person, it’s fairly easy to read up on where in your vicinity you should drop off your used electronics. Do you represent a business or different type of organization that needs to get rid of a bigger amount of old electronics, there are also solutions specifically tailored to your situation – that don’t involve renting a trailer and driving load after load off yourselves. You could e.g., consider investing in one of these industrial crushers designed to crush everything from electronics to food waste and make it easier to recycle big amounts of trash.

Turn off your computer overnight

For some people, it is only natural to close all tabs and documents and press the off button before they go to bed. For many others, however, failing to do so day after day is an unfortunate habit, which quickly results in a significant electricity consumption. Think about it: You burn off electricity to keep your computer on for around eight extra hours per night – all because you cannot be bothered to close down your projects and open them again the day after. Doesn’t that sound a bit excessive? It does not take much to kick the habit – and the environment will thank you for it.